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Mail Management

Mail is essential to all businesses, and your post is critical to your business's revenue. We can help make your most valuable documents - such as invoices & statements, look better and perform better, by adding specific and relevant promotional messages to otherwise mundane transactional items. At Target Communications, we will discuss your business and how it operates, so that we can make valid & robust recommendations based on facts and your aspirations. Postal advice comes as standard, helping our customers understand the current postal landscape and what areas they can benefit from. Our Mail Management solutions include;

  • Postal meters accessing discounted mail

  • Intelligent mail software customising individual items to recipient 

  • Electronic Signatures & Registered Email

  • Intelligent inserters - allowing a mix of document sets to be inserted whilst maintaining integrity

  • Multi-channel mail solutions. Physical or digital mail items produced on-premise or off-premise 

  • Address cleansing software 

  • Letter openers

  • Address Printers 


We’re here to help... If you wish to discuss any of these areas further, click below to get in touch and one of our team will contact you.

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